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Mobility & Hardship

Consolidated List of Entitlements

All duty stations are categorized into one of six categories, H and A to E.

  • H locations are either at headquarters and other similarly designated locations where the United Nations has no development/humanitarian assistance programmes, or in member countries of the European Union. The hardship allowance does not apply at H duty stations.
  • A to E duty stations are rated on a scale that assesses the difficulty of working and living conditions from A to E, with A being the least and E, the most difficult. Categories are arrived at through an assessment of the overall quality of life. In determining the degree of hardship, consideration is given to local conditions of safety and security, health care, housing, climate, isolation and level of amenities/conveniences of life. The hardship allowance is paid for assignments at B, C, D and E duty stations; there is no hardship allowance at A duty stations.

The current list is provided in eXtensible Markup (XML) and Micrsoft Excel (XLS) formats for ease of reference.

Temporarily Classified Duty Stations

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Hardship Questionnaire Forms

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Process for reviewing and designating hardship duty stations

Duty stations are reviewed once every three years in accordance with a cycle based on geographical region. In this way, countries in all regions of the world, i.e., in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Middle East know in advance the year of their review. If a duty station experiences a difficult or volatile security situation or another kind of precipitating event, it may be reviewed more frequently.

Mobility and Hardship Scheme and related Arrangements